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Our one of a kind honeycomb technology with revolutionize your driving experience

Safer Driving, Reimagined 

What are Nectar visors?

We manufacture specialized automotive replacement glass and visors to minimize sun glare for safer driving. Utilizing our unique honeycomb technology, our products tint the precise location of sun glare to sense and respond to the driver's blind spots

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What our Company Offers?

 Our products incorporate cutting edge honeycomb technology that prevents sun glare on your visor, windshield, side windows, and rear window

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Why are these Visors Important?

 Recent studies found that serious car accidents increase by 16% when sun glare is present and as many as 9,000 accidents relating to sun glare occur each year (SpadaLawGroup LLC). With easily installed automotive glass and accessories focused on reducing sun glare, Nectar will improve automotive safety for everyone on the road. 

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Our Solution 

 Our cutting edge honeycomb technology will instantly detect sun glare and tint the relevant area of the window or visor to improve visibility while driving.


101 Campus Dr, Port Washington, NY 11050, USA


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